Are you a big fan of the Christmas classic, The Nutcracker Ballet? Though the music and ballet actually came after, and were patterned after the wooden nutcrackers, they have now become a traditional part of Christmas. I have loved the ballet and the music ever since I was a child. But it wasn’t until I was an adult that I started collecting nutcrackers. And only recently have I discovered how many different Christmas nutcrackers (and other nutcrackers!) there actually are.
Let’s start with the ballet characters….

Ulbricht Red King Nutcracker

Ulbricht Red King Nutcracker

Of course there is the Nutcracker himself. While he is a Prince in the ballet, most of the decorative wooden nutcrackers are either kings or soldiers. One of the classic customer favorites – the Blue and Red King nutcracker – is so popular that at times he is sold out. But there are plenty of others to choose from until he is back in stock. The Traditional Red King is just one of many.

Learn more or buy the Red King here..

Christian Ulbricht Clara Nutcracker

Christian Ulbricht Clara Nutcracker

Next the Clara Nutcracker, around whom the ballet centers. The Alexander Taron
Christian Ulbricht Clara Nutcracker cleverly transforms the characters of Tchaikovsky’s beloved Nutcracker Suite Ballet. Now darling Clara becomes a nutcracker, an interesting twist that will add an element of surprise to your collection. Handmade in Germany, this adorable nutcracker from Christian Ulbricht depicts the star of the ballet still holding her beloved nutcracker prince while dressed up in a really pretty pink frock.

You can find out more or buy the Clara nutcracker here…

Mouse king nutcracker

Mouse King Nutcracker

Lets not forget the ever important Mouse King! This little guy is quite the fancy dresser.

The 12.5 in. Steinbach Mouse King Smoker Nutcracker features a regal fur robe and is dressed in royal blue, with a crown befitting, well, only a mouse king. Great for shelves, bookcases, and mantles, this decorative nutcracker is a wonderful conversation piece.

Buy the mouse king nutcracker here….

And of course there are a variety of other Nutcracker Suite ornaments available – from sets to soldiers

Nutcracker suiteTiny nutcracker suitesequin jacket soldierschristmas nutcrackers

Soldier Nutcrackers here..

Nutcracker Suite Nutcrackers here…

Check out all the Decorative Nutcrackers here….

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